Ethospire (eeth'-o-spi-er)


Original Music Artistry of a 3 Piece, Guitar-Based St Louis Band Whose Unique Compositions Inspire With Melodic Light Jazz to Rock, and More.

Ethospire on stage

Ethospire is known for original instrumental guitar compositions that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of settings. It's our own expression of jazz and a lot more.

We've played for charities, restaurants, weddings, private parties, and events of many kinds- mostly around the St Louis area.

Update- Ethospire has disbanded since Tim moved to Colorado just before 2014. We're leaving this site up for an undetermined period for those that enjoy the music samples or want info.  Thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported us!


Live music that's
refreshing, different and appeals to many types of music lovers.

That's what we offer.

Refreshing, because while the flavor of each song varies, the sound generally has an uplifting feel to it.

Different, because this music is our own original material.*

We've received great response from all age groups in many different settings.

Listen to some Ethospire music and see how it makes you feel.

(*An additional benefit of hiring a band that does original music is no concern or additional costs regarding the possibility of copyright infringement issues or royalty fees that can come with playing other copyrighted music publicly)

We appreciate your visiting the Ethospire band website, and thanks for supporting
 live and original music.

If you have a question or comment, or if we've been hired by you previously and you have feedback, please use contact form.


(Response from an outdoor wedding event)

We got so much more than what we bargained for...the music was amazing...the guests loved the band. 

While it was not music to dance to, guests could enjoy listening while still really is inspirational and wonderful to listen to.  I cannot wait to have them return in the summer for a pool party!

We listen to Tim's CD on a regular basis and look forward to an Ethospire CD.  To all those looking for some great music, you've got your band right here!  Enjoy!

Thanks to Ethospire for the wonderful music you provided on our special day, the guests are still talking about you!

             -Jean Stroud RN BSN Manager  SDS/PACU       
         St. Louis Children's Hospital


I am a lover of music and this is exceptional. Sounding similar to some of my favorites, it's distinct and very European, which I adore.

Score one for Tim, thank you, and I am very happy your accident did not relieve you of your talent! 

                                        -Donna Wheeler NP Consultant

Ethospire jazz band
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