Who is Ethospire?

Tim Hillwood - Guitarist/Composer


Originally an acoustic guitarist,
Tim has been playing since the age of fifteen and usually prefers the multi-faceted sound of using a finger-style rather than pick approach, for creating broad possibilities on the instrument.

He has an acoustic CD out entitled Venture Out, and Tim has been influenced by such icons as Pat Metheny, Michael Hedges and Larry Carlton.

Still, the mostly electric guitar playing is uniquely his own, and all compositions written for for Ethospire are 
by Tim.

They are often first created on guitar, then further shaped by the input of Bob and Paul, creating a distinctive sound.

Whether bold and energetic or smooth and mood-evoking, the soul essence of each piece seeks to inspire or captivate the imagination in some way.

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Bob Colie - Bass Guitar



Bob's first exposure to playing music was learning chords on his grandfather's guitar and tenor banjo. While growing up in the Washington, D.C. area, he was influenced by many genres of music.

It quickly became clear that his passion resided in the rhythmic and tonal foundation of the music as expressed on bass guitar. His first bands played music from the "British invasion" and he soon graduated to bands playing Motown, complete with horn sections and front singers.

Bob then moved to progressive horn bands such as Chicago, Tower of Power, and Blood Sweat & Tears, where he wrote the horn arrangements.

He gradually moved to jazz fusion and originals before taking a hiatus from performing to concentrate on family and career. During this time his musical tastes continued to develop, encompassing New Age, Celtic, and smooth jazz.

Bob's passion for playing never left him, and upon reading an article in late 2007 on the great bassist Jaco Pastorius he decided to begin playing again.

After much searching, auditioning, and jamming, Bob had the extreme fortune of meeting Tim and Paul, and was immediately taken in by their exciting and eclectic music.

Ethospire has given Bob the opportunity to express music through 5-string, 6-string, and fretless basses,  adding a moderate touch of effects.

Paul Hann - Drums

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At the age of fourteen
Paul discovered a passion for drums which led him on a journey of rock'n'roll, country, show groups and stage plays.

He also directed and produced a full stage magic show. After discovering his creative skills for using music to inspire personal growth and development in others, he spent eight years as music director and DJ for a company called Global.

It was the encouragement of a friend that returned him to his passion for playing drums. He shares a common desire with Bob and Tim for creating original music.


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